CHOCOLATES INNATO was born from the happy encounter of artisan knowledge and the best of Mother Earth, together with the commitment to safeguard sustainability together with the communities, which are the guardians and protectors of the ancient fruit.

INNATO travels through Peru selecting the best cocoa crops grown in different regions of Peru to relive this ancient tradition and share it with the world. This delicious fruit has a particular personality and flavor. The cocoas of the north-eastern regions offer exotic and sophisticated aromas of fruits and flowers; those in the southern area are reminiscent of spices and cinnamon, as well as a discreet rustic charm; while cocoa from northern Peru stands out for its elegant and subtle taste, accompanied by a beautiful light color.


In early 2020, we launched our new brand of chocolate flavored toppings “Romex”. They are designed for the industrial sector, bakeries and independent entrepreneurs. Our toppings are distinguished by their excellent flavor and texture, with excellent shine.

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Cocoa derivatives

Today, industrialists around the world process the grain to obtain semi-finished products that are used as ingredients for multiple applications. At ROMEX we make sure to provide our products with high quality standards. We distinguish ourselves by our characteristic aromas and flavors from the origin of our land.

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