It is vitally important to us to achieve sustainability in our processes as well as educate our producers to apply the same practices to them as well. That is why through continuous training we teach them sustainable development in their crops. We also have a strong commitment to our producers and their respective communities. That is why throughout the years we have been growing together with them, creating special bonds.


  • Training in proper waste management.


  • Training in water management and reuse.


  • Training on proper use of pesticides.


  • Pest prevention training


Among the benefits we offer

  1. Constant training: Through fieldwork, we show them the model of agricultural development
  2. Alliances with nearby universities: We make alliances with the universities of the communities in which we are present, where their students can do internships at our facilities for free
  3. Educational programs: Throughout the year we offer talks on different topics that we consider of vital importance to our communities, such as: respect, honesty and transparency.
  4. Christmas campaigns: We provide a space for integration between our collaborators and the families of our producers, celebrating the holidays and giving them gifts.